Why would I need monitoring? Our energy consumption is recorded remotely by the service provider and I already have access to historical consumption data.

  • The data, however, refer to the company’s overall, combined energy consumption and provide no information to detect any issues in the sub-network.
  • The data received reflect earlier consumption; it is impossible to reconstruct real consumption status retrospectively and can only speculate the specific reasons.
  •  The system cannot react to exceeded limits and anomalies.


When do I need the energy monitor system?

  • If energy costs make up a significant portion of operating costs.
  • If the company is committed to environmental awareness.
  • I you want to have accurate records on the costs of production processes.
  • If you need data on energy consumption and CO2 emission to support executive decisions.
  • If you want to control your finances also by being able to calculate your next energy bill.
  • If you want to known exactly what consumption types make up your energy bill.


 What savings can I expect?

  • It highly depends on your company’s consumption pattern, the inherited parameters, the technical condition of the network and equipment and the flexibility of processes. In general, you can expect savings in the range of 5–25%.


Can I test the system?

  • Yes, we offer a temporal lease plan. You can, of course, purchase the system at any time.


Do you have any live systems?

  •  Yes, we do. We can take you for a tour at one of these sites after setting up an appointment.


Can I check the values itemized on my energy bill?

  •  Yes, you can control the invoice issued by the service provider. With the high level of details available, you can pinpoint any overcharges.


What technical criteria does the site have to fulfill prior to the deployment of the system?

  • We need an impulse-based meter, generally installed by the service provider, to measure natural gas, heat and water consumption. In addition, the service provider must enable the impulse output even through an isolator.
  • With electrical power, the output on the service provider’s meter or the output of the sub-network meter installed anywhere can be used.
  • We use our proprietary wired sensors to measure heat consumption.


Is it only electrical power that can be metered?

  •  No. We can measure water, heat and gas consumption as well.


Can you measure only the amount of energy supplied to the site?

  • No. Our system can measure the temperatures of the rooms as well as outdoor temperature to indicate the “result” of the energy use.


Do you need to install a meter for each consumer?

  • The system can calculate totals and differences from the data received from various meters to create ‘virtual meters’. With proper planning, this function can display consumption values for more sections than those equipped with meters.


Why is it important that I get more information about my energy consumption than what is already included on the energy bill issued by the service provider?

  • The service provider’s settlement or partial bill is only an invoice to indicate the quantity and amount of your energy consumption during the specific period. Such bills do not provide you with any details on the consumption structure to analyze energy use as no sub-meters are installed. Without such information you cannot understand and optimize your consumption.


How can I access energy consumption data?

  • Via an online interface protected by a dedicated password.


How about data security?

  • Whether we use GSM or wired connectivity, your data are encrypted. This high-level encryption prevents interception and manipulation. The user interface is accessed via HTTPS encryption protocol.


At what intervals can I access detailed data?

  • Our metering system can perform measurements even at 5 minute intervals. Electricity service providers typically use 15 while gas suppliers 60-minute intervals. The online interface provides real-time access to such data, which you can also download. This way you have enough time to take any necessary action.


In what format can you deliver my consumption data?

  • Consumption data may be exported in XLS or CSV format or queried on a graphical interface.


Who is tasked with processing the data? Can the system identify savings opportunities?

  • A power management specialist with sufficient local knowledge is a must at each site and he/she is supposed to analyze the data we provide. Our system supplies this professional with sufficient information to make informed decisions. If needed, our power management experts are also available for consultation.


Our company already has a building management/invoicing system. Can we integrate Rubin’s system with our existing solution?

  • Through an appropriate interface, our system can transmit data to an existing management system or some other financial or enterprise management system.


Do we have to purchase the complete system?

  • No, you don’t need to buy the system. You can lease metering devices and purchase only periodic access to the user interface.


What happens if I have questions while operating the system or I would like to change some settings?

  • Support is part of our service and we are ready to help you solve any issues you may encounter.


How can I get access to software upgrades?

  • You always use the latest version with a lease plan.
  • I you run the system on your own server, you get a 12-month free upgrade period, after which you can get software upgrades at affordable prices The system is modular and you only need to upgrade the modules you actually need.


Got any questions?

  •  Ask our colleagues.


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